Please download and review the below manuals if you are a prospective SAC or air boss applicant.


ACE Manual


The Aerobatic Competency Evaluation (ACE) program represents the establishment of a program within the air show industry to qualify civilian air show pilots to fly aerobatics at public events in the United States and Canada. This manual contains the standards and procedures to be used by Aerobatic Competency Evaluators (ACEs) in conducting evaluations. It also establishes the process for making recommendations regarding aerobatic competency/safety to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and/or Transport Canada Aviation (TC). To download the manual, please click here.


Air Boss Recognition Program Manual


The Air Boss Recognition Program (ABRP) is  an ICAS program that qualifies prospective air bosses to receive ICAS recommendation to the FAA for a Letter of Authorization (LoA) to conduct air boss duties at public aviation events in the United States. To download the manual, please click here.


FAA Order 8900.526


For Volume 3 Chapter 6 Section 1:  Issue a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization for an Aviation Event, click here


FAA SAC Card Policy


For Volume 5, Chapter 9, Section 1: Issue/Renew/Reevaluate/Rescind a Statement of Aerobatic Competency, click here.