Air Boss Academy
Air Boss Academy

Air Boss Training: A New Imperative


Air bosses are a critical element to ensuring a safe and entertaining air show. And, as the industry and regulators continue to standardize the profession, it is essential that air bosses complete the annual training requirements and are aware of the latest air show regulations. With the new Air Boss Recognition Program in full effect and requiring industry air bosses to meet annual training requirements, ICAS will once again be offering its highly acclaimed Air Boss Academy.


Scheduled for October 17-19 in conjunction with the Bell Fort Worth Alliance Air Show in Fort Worth, Texas, the Air Boss Academy will provide professionals with vvitage air boss safety practices, operational strategy and informative tips on how to air boss an air show.To download the 2019 ICAS Air Boss Academy brochure, click here.

The Living Classroom


The ICAS Air Boss Academy is held in conjunction with a North American air show to provide participants with a unique opportunity to learn from the show's air boss. In attending pre-show briefings, monitoring frequencies and learning in a classroom setting, the Air Boss Academy is the most hands-on learning experiences for professional air bosses.

Limited Enrollment


To ensure all of our participants receive individual attention, class size for the 2019 ICAS Air Boss Academy will be strictly limited to 15 registrants. Due to the program's high demand and because ICAS will cut off registration once the 15person limit is reached, there will be no refunds for registration.

To enroll, complete the application attached to the 2019 ICAS Air Boss Academy brochure. To download, please click here.